ZIP countertop reverse osmosis water filter utilizes a tried-and-tested technology to remove impurities from water and leave it healthy, crisp, and odor-free. Contaminated water not only smells and tastes bad, but it can also be unhealthy. By using a reverse osmosis water filter, which removes contaminants like microorganisms and bacteria alongside chlorine, lead, and more, you can be certain that your family will stay hydrated and healthy. In fact, reverse osmosis filtration is especially recommended for individuals with compromised immune systems because it is exceptional at removing potentially harmful sediment and microorganisms from drinking water.

Things to Consider Before Buying ZIP Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Reverse osmosis countertop water filters can benefit almost anyone who wants to ensure cleaner, healthier drinking water for themselves, their families, or even their employees. It is important to note that reverse osmosis technology is most effective when utilized alongside a water softener, but it can benefit absolutely anyone regardless of water quality at the tap.

When looking for a countertop reverse osmosis water filter, there are five very important things to consider.

Your tap water

Before buying a reverse osmosis water filter, it is important to think about the source water that comes from your tap. If you have hard water, this system may not be able to remove all the sediment and minerals, and your filters not last as long. Installing a water softener can improve the filtration provided by a countertop reverse osmosis filter.

Filter replacement costs

Like other types of water filters, those found in countertop reverse osmosis units must be changed regularly in order to continue to provide clean water. It is important to compare the costs of these filters and their lifespans to determine if they fit your budget.

Filter availability

When considering a reverse osmosis water filter, it is helpful to ensure that you can readily buy replacement filters as necessary. Check to see shipping times and find out if any local retailers sell them, as well. Some manufacturers – including Puricom USA – offer convenient subscription services.

Product warranty

A reverse osmosis water filter is quite the investment, so it is important to consider the warranty. Compare return policies, money-back guarantees, and warranty lengths before buying.

Filtration types

Reverse osmosis countertop water filters can utilize numerous filtration types. Research these and decide which are best for your unique needs.

What Is the ZIP Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter?


The ZIP countertop reverse osmosis water filter is designed to provide an elegant and efficient way to remove contaminants from your drinking water at the tap through a four-stage filtration process. The unit includes all the filters you need to get started, a power adapter, and a user’s guide. This product was designed to provide individuals who simply do not have the space or the budget for a traditional whole-home water filtration system with the opportunity to enjoy crystal clear, contaminant free, delicious drinking water. This product is not designed for use when hiking, camping, or away from electricity as it does require access to an outlet to provide the filtration. zip countertop reverse osmosis water filter


  • Outstanding filtration
  • No connection to tap needed
  • Aesthetically modern
  • Returns beneficial minerals to water
  • Filter Reminders


  • More expensive than other filtration options
  • Tubes can sometime loosen over time and cause leaks
  • Filtration occurs more slowly than with other filter types
  • Does not filter as well as a larger, more expensive under-counter reverse osmosis system

Features and Benefits

The ZIP countertop reverse osmosis water filter utilizes reverse osmosis to provide clean, healthy water. During the reverse osmosis process, water moves through a semipermeable membrane designed to remove ions, molecules, and larger particles. It does this through applied pressure; by utilizing the right type of pressure, small particles of water that are not attached to contaminants are forced through the membrane, resulting in crystal clear drinking water. Aside from this technology, the Puricom USA ZIP reverse osmosis water filter provides numerous other benefits.

Filters and alkalizes ordinary tap water 

The reverse osmosis water filter turns ordinary tap water right from the tap into healthier, cleaner, and better-tasting water in minutes through a four-stage filtration system. These include the five-micron sediment filter, the activated carbon filter, the reverse osmosis membrane, and the alkaline post filter, which adds important minerals back into the drinking water and increases its pH into the alkaline level.

Removes as much as 99% of all contaminants

The Puricom USA ZIP removes virtually all contaminants from water, including fluoride, chlorine, lead, asbestos, pharmaceuticals, microorganisms, and much more via several filters and the unique reverse osmosis membrane that processes up to 75 gallons of water per day.

Incredibly portable

Unlike whole-home or under-counter systems, this reverse osmosis water filter sits on the countertop anywhere you choose as long as it has access to a power outlet. It does not need to be hooked up to the faucet or tap; simply pour in water, wait 15 minutes, and enjoy. It is perfect for small apartments, condos, and even RVs, making it the perfect travel companion.

Guaranteed and warrantied 

The Puricom USA company provides a one-year warranty alongside a complete one-year money-back guarantee to ensure their customers’ satisfaction with the product. This is one of the best warranties in the industry as it applies to countertop reverse osmosis filtration systems.

Easy to change filters 

Thanks to the design of the Puricom USA reverse osmosis water filter, changing the filters takes only a few minutes. You will know it’s time to change the filter when the indicator light blinks red, and the filters last up to one year. Puricom USA provides a subscription service that will automatically send a reminder, then ship your replacement filter as soon as your payment has processed. The reverse osmosis membrane must be replaced every two to four years, and these are available directly from Puricom USA.

Tastes like expensive bottled water 

Thanks to the unique alkaline post filter, the Puricom USA ZIP produces water that tastes exactly like some of the most expensive bottled waters in the world. It does this by replacing calcium and magnesium – two minerals present in water that give it a distinct, thirst-quenching taste.

Half gallon storage tank

Most countertop reverse osmosis water filter options only produce water on demand and cannot store water in a tank. The Puricom USA ZIP breaks this rule and holds up to a half gallon of water in its reservoir, allowing you and your family to enjoy a healthy drink of water when you want it.

Energy efficient

This reverse osmosis water filter requires very little power – only 24 watts. This is less than a lightbulb, which means you can feel good about your commitment to the environment.

High recovery rate 

Most of the reverse osmosis water filters available today only have a 25% recovery rate, which means that 75% of the water that enters the filters goes to waste. Thanks to Puricom USA’s amazing technology, it has a recovery rate of 50%.


Though the body of the filter is plastic, it is free from BPA, a harmful chemical that has been known to cause cancer and various other illnesses.

Easy cleaning

The reverse osmosis water filter easily disassembles so you can clean it quickly and efficiently with your favorite dish soap.


This model is budget-friendly when compared to whole-home or under-counter options

Consumers can buy the ZIP Replacement Filters bundle through the Puricom USA website for $49.95, and on average, these last about one year. This bundle does not include the reverse osmosis membrane but does include the other three filters. The reverse osmosis membrane itself can also be purchased through Puricom USA. These are $49.99 as well, and they last two to four years depending on the volume of water you filter.

4 Stage Advanced Filtration

Puricom ZIP Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter uses innovative reverse osmosis technology. Recognized by the US and has international patents.

Stage 1 – Five Micro Sediment Filter

A unique gradient pore structure, with a outer section to trap large particles, and inner section to trap smaller particles. This effectively removes particles, such as sediment and rust.

Stage 2 – Activated Carbon Block Filter

The activated carbon block filter removes harmful chemical residues & carcinogens, including THM’s & pesticides. Large adsorption capability also removes odors & VOC’s

Stage 3 – Reverse Osmosis Membrane



Alternative Products

Of course, the ZIP reverse osmosis water filter is not the only one of its kind, and there are several others that provide similar filtration depending on your needs.


Hydrologic Micro 75 Reverse Osmosis System

This unit can process up to 75 gallons per day through its reverse osmosis membrane. It is not a countertop model and needs to be plumbed directly into a water supply line with the appropriate fittings. However, it can also be attached directly to a kitchen or bathroom faucet. It boasts a 50% recovery rate, and it comes with a garden hose connector, a pressure gauge, and a quarter-inch shutoff valve.

This filter can be wall-mounted to keep it out of the way, but it is also perfectly stable when placed on a flat surface. The filter should be replaced every six to 18 months, and these are available through the Hydrologic website. In short, though the Hydrologic Micro 75 is far less expensive than the Puricom USA ZIP reverse osmosis water filter, it is not as aesthetically pleasing and is not designed for providing fresh water on demand.

Reverse Osmosis Revolution 4-Stage Water Purification System

Another small unit highly reminiscent of the Hydrologic Micro 75, this four-stage water purification system from Reverse Osmosis Revolution is available through Amazon for just $86.99. It was designed to attach directly to your kitchen faucet via an included chrome two-way diverter that fits 96% of faucets, but if you need a garden hose attachment instead, the company will be happy to make the switch before shipping. It utilizes much the same four-stage process as the Puricom USA ZIP, as well, and it can produce about three gallons of water per hour.

The filters for this unit last anywhere from six to 12 months, and the bundle of three filters (without the reverse osmosis membrane) are available on Amazon for $24.99. The reverse osmosis filter should be replaced every two years, and it can utilize the Universal TFC reverse osmosis membrane found on Amazon for $19.99. Though more affordable than the Puricom USA ZIP, this product does not have a storage tank for purified water, and it is not aesthetically pleasing.

APEC Portable Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Finally, the APEC reverse osmosis water filter is the closest rival to the aesthetically-pleasing design of the Puricom USA ZIP, and as a result, it has the highest price of all the alternative products here at $229.95 via Amazon. It does require a standard faucet hookup, but it is easy to install and very lightweight. It also utilizes a four-stage purifications system with high-capacity filters, and it can produce up to 90 gallons of clean water each day.

The filters come in a complete pack, including the reverse osmosis membrane, for about $40. Each filter and membrane can also be purchased individually to suit your needs. The three filters need to be replaced every six to 12 months, and the membrane should be replaced every three to five years to ensure proper operations and filtration. The components are BPA free, and the filters are NSF certified, as well. Users recommend purchasing the optional calcium carbonate filter to alkalize the water, which is an important health benefit that provides optimal taste.

Final Thoughts

Many households around the world lack clean tap water. Even water that appears to be clean contains excessive amounts of fluoride and chlorine, and some even contains heavy metals like lead, pharmaceuticals, or potentially dangerous microorganisms like bacteria or parasites. The Puricom USA ZIP reverse osmosis water filter can remove 99% of these contaminants to keep you healthy and provide the freshest, best tasting water you have ever had. It’s one of the only countertop reverse osmosis filters with a built-in storage tank, and it does not have to be plumbed into your water lines or connected to your faucet.